Stages of Bed Sores

Bed sores range in size and severity, and are categorized into four stages, with each stage increasing in severity.

Stage I:

This is the first stage of a bed sore, where the affected area of skin is reddened or discolored. The skin may feel firm or painful, and may be cooler or warmer compared to the surrounding area of skin. The affected area will not blanch when it is touched, and may also appear bluish, purple, or ashen.

Stage II:

This is the second stage of a bed sore, where a scrape will appear due to outer skin loss. Furthermore, it may appear as an open wound, but drainage may or may not occur.The open wound will vary in condition, and may be pinkish-red, basin-like, shallow, intact, or a ruptured blister filled with fluid.

Stage III:

This is the third stage of a bed sore, and comprises of a deep wound. The skin will be broken, extending through the dermis and into the fat tissue, and will have a crater-like appearance.

Stage IV:

This last stage of a bed sore will result in large-scale skin loss, oftentimes exposing bone, tendons, or muscle. Slough, or dark, crusty dead tissue will often be found at the bottom of the wound.

It is much more difficult to treat and heal a bed sore than it is to prevent one. As such, nursing home facilities must provide adequate staffing levels comprised of staff members who are qualified and properly trained in detecting early signs of bed sore development before they worsen in severity.

The nursing home facility and its staff members must vigilantly conduct skin assessments in order to assess and document a resident’s skin accurately. Treatment protocols for each bed sore stage may vary significantly. As such, nursing home staff members must monitor the bed sore closely in order to ensure that the resident is administered the proper treatment for their specific bed sore stage and skin condition.

Bed sores are preventable if the proper protocols are implemented. If you believe your loved one has suffered from a bed sore that developed while residing at a nursing home, or if their bed sore worsened severely due to the nursing home’s failure to treat the bed sore appropriately, it is likely that your loved one suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect. We encourage you to contact us at the Law Offices of Ben Yeroushalmi for a free consultation, to take action and hold those accountable for your loved one’s needless suffering. We have extensive experience in nursing home abuse and neglect litigation, and have achieved considerable results in cases centered on bed sores.

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